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Calm, empathetic, with a no-nonsense vision

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Since my childhood I have been fascinated by the human body, the possible roots of complaints and possibilities of healing them. This fascination has led me to an interesting career in healthcare.

After high school, I have worked for more than 25 years as a medical assistant in various hospitals and medical disciplines. There, I gained extensive experience, especially in the departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

My curiosity and desire for more knowledge have led me to start the 7-year education in 2014 in becoming a certified osteopath.
In 2021 I have successfully completed the study ‘Osteopathy’ at College Sutherland in Amsterdam with a thesis. The title of this thesis is “Osteopathy in the treatment of endometriosis”.

My passion to develop myself in my work field and on a personal level is grand! I continue to expand my knowledge through courses and further training, always striving for the highest quality in my field. Besides the treatment of common complaints i am much interested in treating babies, children and the treatment of endometriosis. To further specialize myself in these fields, I have started the 2-year study of ‘Osteopathy in Children’, which I will complete this current school year.

From November 1st 2023 till June 2024, I will replace my colleague Marie-Jeanne Nijdam in Amsterdam West during her maternity leave.

This is a great chance to expand and develop my experience in osteopathy. I am looking forward in supporting you or your child in the pursuit of a healthier and more balanced life. Everyone is welcome with me at practice Nijdam Osteopathy, from babies till people of 100 years old! 




1993 opleiding
Medical assistant MDGO, Amsterdam

Propedeuse Medische Basiskennis, Amsterdam

Master Osteopathy, College voor Osteopathische Geneeskunde Sutherland, Amsterdam

Defending thesis ‘Osteopathy in the treatment of endometriosis’.

VLOW- course: Veno-lymfatic optimalisation of tissue, Amsterdam

2022-2024 (in opleiding)
2-jarige training Osteopathy in Children (in training, senior year), Pro Osteo, Gilze-Rijen


Nijdam Osteopathie

Saskia van Muijlwijk is a certified Osteopath and registered at the Dutch Register for Osteopathy  (NRO).

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