Osteopathy in children

Children develop and grow constantly. This requires continuous adjustment of the body.
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Treatment from an osteopath can provide relief from common complaints in children and adolescents. When the body has imbalances and dysfunction the body’s self-healing mechanisms can get obstructed. This may lead to physical complaints. The job of an osteopath is not to follow the symptoms, but find the cause of these symptoms and imbalances, restore them and to help bring the body back in its natural course and allow for it to heal itself.
Children are not to be seen as small adults and require extra attention and a different approach. It is important that your child feels at ease. That’s why we allow extra time for the examination and treatment.
The osteopath works with soft techniques and will never manipulate a child or force it into a posture or movement.

Complaints for which you can turn to osteopathy with young children and adolescents:

  • Recurrent forehead inflammation, middle ear infections
  • Allergies
  • Misunderstood abdominal complaints
  • Intestinal complaints (diarrhea / constipation)
  • Learning disabilities
  • Motor developmental disorders
  • Bedwetting
  • Restlessness
  • Sleeping problems
  • Spine curvatures (scoliosis)

Complaints for which you can turn to osteopathy with babies:

A treatment by the osteopath can also provide relief from common complaints in babies. Birth is a stressful event for both mother and child. The body and the skull of the baby are made to absorb the forces that occur during the delivery. Due to prolonged pressure, the use of a vacuum pump or forceps delivery or a quick delivery, it is possible that structures are under extra stress.

  • Excessive crying
  • Excessive vomiting (reflux)
  • Abdominal complaints (colic) / (clogging)
  • Problems with sucking or swallowing
  • Restlessness

Points of attention

Please contact osteopath Marie-Jeanne directly for for personal consultation, if you are experiencing pain or problems not mentioned in our treatments above.

In case of acute complaints and / or high fever you should always first contact your doctor.

Nijdam Osteopathy

Marie-Jeanne Nijdam is a certified osteopath and is registered with the Nederlandse Osteopathie Federatie (NOF).

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Treatment from an osteopath is often experienced as a relief for recurring complaints or physical problems that seem insolvable.

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