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Body and mind are inseperable. This makes every person and every physical complaint unique.

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Update Covid19 december 2020

Due to the lockdown announced on December 14, practice Nijdam Osteopathy unfortunately has to close its doors again.  For the time being, this applies until January 19, 2021.

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport has drawn up a list of excepted contact professions, which for incomprehensible reasons, unfortunately does not include osteopathy.  Despite the fact that we have been following all hygiene measures drawn up by the RIVM since March 2020, no contamination has been established within our practice and we are BIG registered (physiotherapist), this is not sufficient. Check the News page for a detailed description of how the practice deals with the corona virus / COVID19 and what measures we take.


The professional group (NOF / NVO) is legally doing everything it can to reverse this decision as soon as possible. As soon as there will be changes you will be informed about this on our website.

For emergencies and telephone consultations, we remain available on 06-24949640


Happy holidays, stay healthy, take care of each other and we hope to see you in the new year!


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Marie-Jeanne Nijdam

What fascinates me most in my profession as an osteopath is to investigate who the person in front of me is. How come this person develops these complaints? And what do they need in order to function optimally?


Osteopathy is a manual examination and treatment method that focuses on the body’s ability to move. For optimal and complaint-free functioning, it is important that the tissues that define your body have sufficient freedom of movement.

Method of treatment

Depending on your complaint and the outcome of the examination, treatment may consist of applying manual techniques, coaching, nutrition and / or lifestyle advice. Exercises can also be taught to support the effect of the treatment.

Nijdam Osteopathy

Marie-Jeanne Nijdam is a certified osteopath and is registered with the Nederlandse Osteopathie Federatie (NOF).

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Treatment from an osteopath is often experienced as a relief for recurring complaints or physical problems that seem insolvable.

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