What is osteopathy?

Address the self-healing mechanisms of the body so that you thrive
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What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual examination and treatment method that focuses on the body’s ability to move. For optimal and complaint-free functioning, it is important that the tissues that define your body have sufficient freedom of movement. Life is movement. It is a continuous process of growth and degradation, holding and letting go. All these processes take place both in nature around you and in your own body. For growth, development and adaptation to the challenges that our life demands, the right nutrition, optimal digestion, absorption of nutrients and waste disposal are important. The correct management and coordination are also necessary. In the human body, these processes take place through our muscles, bones, blood and lymph vessels, fascia (membranes), organs, hormones, brain and nervous system.
The osteopath examines the functioning of these structures and seeks an explanation for its findings in relation to your request for help. When the body has imbalances and dysfunction the body’s self-healing mechanisms can get obstructed. This may lead to physical complaints. The job of an osteopath is not to follow the symptoms, but find the cause of these symptoms and imbalances, restore them and to help bring the body back in its natural course and allow for it to heal itself. The possible explanations originate from embryology, physiology, neurology, psychology and anatomy. Because of this holistic way of examining and explaining the findings, the osteopath sometimes comes to a cause and treatment of the complaint in a completely different place than where you experience the complaint.
The aim of the treatment is to promote the mobility of the structures involved and thus to address the self-healing mechanisms of the body. So that you can function without problems again and thrive!


First appointment

After making an appointment for an osteopathic treatment by telephone or online, you will receive a digital questionnaire. By completing this questionnaire, osteopath Marie-Jeanne Nijdam can prepare herself for your appointment.
During the first consultation, you will go through the completed questionnaire. The osteopath will ask additional questions to be able to form a complete image of you and your complaint. This is followed by a thorough manual physical examination. With this, osteopath Marie-Jeanne Nijdam forms an impression of the mobility of your joints, muscles and organs. She also gets an image of the blood circulation and innervation of the examined structures. After the examination, the osteopath explains her findings in relation to your complaint. It is advisable to bring any additional information in the form of MRI results, blood tests and / or X-rays to the appointment.

If any additional research is required, the osteopath will always refer you to your general practitioner or specialist.

Treatment and follow- up

Depending on your complaint and the outcome of the examination, treatment may consist of applying manual techniques, coaching, nutrition and / or lifestyle advice. Exercises can also be taught to support the effect of the treatment.

After the intake and the examination, osteopath Marie-Jeanne Nijdam draws up a treatment plan. To guarantee the quality of the treatments, we evaluate the effect of the treatment on your complaint.
After treatment it is advisable that you take it easy for the first 24 hours (no heavy physical exertion) and drink enough water. Sometimes people feel tired after treatment or react more emotionally than usual, this is a normal reaction of the body. If in doubt, you can always contact Marie-Jeanne Nijdam.

Nijdam Osteopathy

Marie-Jeanne Nijdam is a certified osteopath and is registered with the Nederlandse Osteopathie Federatie (NOF).

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Treatment from an osteopath is often experienced as a relief for recurring complaints or physical problems that seem insolvable.

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