Osteopathy in women

The anatomy of women is essentially different from that of men
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Osteopathy in women

The anatomy of women is essentially different from that of men. The biggest difference is that the female body is basically able to conceive, complete the pregnancy and bring new life into the world. These processes each require a specific adjustment of the tissues involved (hormones, circulation, joints, muscles, nerves and organs). If this adjustment is not optimal, it can lead to complaints during puberty and menstrual phase, pregnancy and after delivery.


Sometimes your body can use some support in these processes. The osteopath uses manual techniques to optimize the mobility of the joints, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and organs involved, so that the self-healing ability of the body can be addressed. The treatment can also consist of exercises and / or a diet or lifestyle advice.
If you are unsure whether treatment by the osteopath could be of help for you, please contact Marie-Jeanne.

Complaints for which girls and women can visit the osteopath are:

Menstrual complaints

  • irregular menstruation
  • migraine
  • back and pelvic pain

Pregnancy related complaints

  • difficulty getting pregnant
  • stomach acid
  • respiratory complaints
  • heavy / tired legs
  • intestinal complaints / constipation

Childbirth-related complaints

  • complaints after caesarean section
  • delayed recovery after delivery

Nijdam Osteopathy

Marie-Jeanne Nijdam is a certified osteopath and is registered with the Nederlandse Osteopathie Federatie (NOF).

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Treatment from an osteopath is often experienced as a relief for recurring complaints or physical problems that seem insolvable.

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