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In 2015-2016 I have had a number of treatments with Marie-Jeanne. I came to her because I regularly had episodes of dizziness. I found her way of treating very pleasant. Goal-oriented, but looking further than just the complaint for which I came. She works calmly and precisely and the comfort of the client has her priority. My complaints are as good as gone. Very occasionally there seems to be a dizziness but it doesn’t follow threw. For me a great result with how it was before!

M.H., 31 yrs, muziek-docente.
You are my favorite physio / edema / osteotherapist ever!

E. P.
I have experienced the treatments as good and useful. Marie-Jeanne listened carefully to my “story”. I felt better during the treatments. It has released me from a number of complaints. Marie-Jeanne also gave me insight into how to deal with my body to prevent complaints.

Arjan, 61 yrs, civil servant.
I had been with the GP for more than a year with bowel and stomach complaints that did not get any less. Because I’ve heard positive experiences about osteopathy from various people in my area, I went looking for an osteopath in my neighbourhood. I had not had any appetite for months now. After my first visit to Marie-Jeanne my stomach began to make sounds right on my way home and I had a craving for food for the first time in months. After two treatments it was already clear to Marie-Jeanne that there was actually nothing wrong with my stomach. Slowly my appetite returned and my bowels started working again. With an osteopathic treatment, people are examined as a whole. That also makes a treatment complete. I had already been able to experience that mind and body work in a strong relationship, but with osteopathy this really is clear to see and feel. If you are looking for someone who looks further than just your physical complaints and approaches you without any unclear stuff, then you are at the right address with Marie-Jeanne.

I met Marie-Jeanne for the treatment of a long-standing complaint; neck pain in osteoarthritis in my neck. Her approach was very appealing to me. First a good examination and then the treatment. I think Marie-Jeanne intuitively did the treatment well, and she continued to work with new approaches. It is nice to be treated by a patient and passioned therapist. My neck pain is greatly reduced.

Eric, 69 yrs, entrepreneur.
Looking for an osteopath? I highly recommend Marie-Jeanne. Before she became an osteopath she got a lot of experience in treating patients as a physiotherapist and edema therapist. She is able to listen carefully and convert the story of her patient into a proper treatment, tailored to the patient’s request. For example, in addition to relieving an old ailment, she has helped me to recover from an acute knee injury.

Fieke, 54 yrs, Gz psychologist and remedial therapist.
My experience that the special aspect of osteopathy is that the treatment goes much than the handling of the complaint itself. Apart from the fact that my complaints have almost disappeared about half a year ago since the four treatments, I feel stronger and more balanced ever since.
I already knew Marie-Jeanne as an edema therapist: caring, adequate, with a thorough knowledge, calm and very open and friendly!

H. H., 63 yrs, music teacher.
My foot is still doing great, so the operation has been canceled. 1000x thanks !!!

I could not be happier with my choice of osteopathy. Marie-Jeanne is a caring & highly skilled osteopath. From my first appointment, she always made me feel welcome & safe. Her approach is holistic, and my time on her treatment table has not only helped immensely with my physical complaints, but also in terms of developing more balance & self awareness in myself. Thank you so much!

Marie-Jeanne is an incredibly knowledgeable osteopath. Because of her curiosity in you as a person, you learn to get to know yourself. She knows how to make connections between your physical and mental condition, which makes you more balanced. In addition, she knows how to explain everything in a clear way and she is very practical. I would recommend Marie-Jeanne to everyone.

Evita, 35 yrs.
I have come to know Marie-Jeanne as an honest, professional woman who takes time to discover what is really going on with you. Osteopathy has no quick fix. You have to take a look at different elements, and Marie-Jeanne gives you the mirror that you need to solve your problems. I would recommend an osteopathic treatment to everyone, and Marie-Jeanne in particular!

Maartje, 39 yrs.

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Marie-Jeanne Nijdam is a certified osteopath and is registered with the Nederlandse Osteopathie Federatie (NOF).

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Treatment from an osteopath is often experienced as a relief for recurring complaints or physical problems that seem insolvable.

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